WindWord – March, 2020

From The Commodore

This letter is going out to everyone much later than I would prefer, but I want to take this time to update all members on current events and provide some clarity on board discussions.

My top priority right now is communication, which has been non-existent. There are still complications with the company that manages our site and I am working on getting someone to create the Windword again to get information and upcoming events out efficiently. This will be done before the next board meeting so we can resume normal communications. On our website, I would also like to activate the blog option so we can input information to a constant feed in real time. We would be able to add photos, upcoming events, reminders, and it would add another tool for new potential members to view our activities as the season progresses. The idea is attract membership in every possible way as well as fluid communication. Emails and text messages will still go out as well. After looking back at my last email that went out in January, I realized that I did not include the meeting minutes from the January BOG meeting. I am going to send out a separate email that summarizes the minutes back to the annual meeting, and up to February.

The second task is getting our events calendar wrapped up. I received and submitted the racing schedule to get placed on the website, Charlie is getting the membership roster from Sam, and I am finalizing the dates for our socials with Richard. We are looking forward to bringing everyone back together with events that appeal to everyone. I will provide more details on next month’s newsletter and the dates will be loaded on our website calendar within the next 2 weeks. An idea that was presented to me would be to place socials around the full moon calendar (as close as possible) so we could do moonlight sails afterwards.  I would also like to use the socials as marketing potential to have people from the general public that may be interested in sailing sign up to meet members and get out on the water to see firsthand why we love doing this. I would have a sign up form set up on our site for people to fill out so we don’t overbook.

Clubhouse upgrades have been discussed in years past and is in front of the board again this season to see which items to tackle first. Last month we looked at flooring, new appliances, lighting, and outside storage for the tables and chairs. Since then, we have researched, in-depth, the flooring options and kitchen configurations. The majority of the work has been done by Amos Cape for researching pricing on all projects and sourcing the materials and appliances.

It should come as no surprise that the costs will be a factor on how much we can accomplish now and what needs to be placed on long range planning. Individual project costs and details are going to be sent out in a survey to get feedback from members to determine the priorities of the club and what order to approach each project to reach our benchmarks. The upgrades, projected costs, and allocated budget will be sent out for everyone to review by the end of March. The survey will follow in April so we can start improvements before summer officially kicks off.

We had a wireless internet test performed to see if we can get Wi-Fi internet access to the clubhouse and the docks. Velocity Internet has a radio set up on the roof of the clubhouse to check the signal with their towers. They let it run for the past week with successful results, so we intend to pass a motion at the next board meeting to try it out and see how it works out for us this season.  In regards to our online presence, we now have our website and actual physical address linked to the Google search page. I confirmed with the city of El Dorado that our physical address is 4599 NE Boulder Bluff Rd, El Dorado, KS 67042. The purpose for the update is so people can easily find our website from a simple online search and get accurate directions to the club. The previous search didn’t contain our website information and wouldn’t guide users to the parking lot, it just led out to the middle of Boulder Bluff Road. Please note that this is not the mailing address. All mail still needs to go to our PO Box. I will also have a phone number to add that will serve as an additional point of contact. Charlie Volk has previously corrected this information with Google so I will keep an eye on it to confirm it doesn’t change again.

If anyone has any feedback or questions, email me at or call my cell at 316-990-34769.

BOG Meeting Minutes

WVSC Board meeting February 13, 2020

Board members in attendance:  Dave Bonifield, Richard Barth, Eric Wertheimer, Austin Bayes, Tedd Blankenship, Bill Grabendike, Chris Proudfoot.

Call to order 7:00 pm

New Business:

Reviewed clubhouse renovation proposal.  Phase 1 flooring, material review.

Discussed surveying club members for priorities for phase 2 and 3. 

Public Relations:

Adding ‘club blog’ feature to club website for posting of club information. 

Adding club address (4599 NE. Boulder Bluff rd.) to website.


Received/reviewing resumes for summer positions.

Dry Storage:

Spraying operations to be moved in house.


Business calendar items added to agenda.

Meeting adjourned 9:44 pm.

For Sale

Asking $34,750. 2001 Catalina 28 Mk II. Wing keel, 135% furling genoa, Dutchman system for mainsail curling, Universal 25 HP diesel, microwave, stereo, swim ladder, navigational instruments, outstanding maintenance with many upgrades. Bottom paint job 12/18. Contact: John Carter at (316) 250-5874