WindWord – April, 2020

From The Commodore – Covid-19 Update 4/20/20

The days are getting longer and warmer, which opens up more time to get boats prepped and ready for the water. We are keeping an eye on the final cold snaps and looking at getting the water turned on this weekend. If freezing temperatures are forecast through the next week, it may be postponed for next weekend. The last thing we need right now is broken water lines. Since work parties are a no-go, a few of us will be in the yard working to clear out growing weeds as weather allows. The same will apply for cleaning up the clubhouse.

To address Covid-19 concerns, there will be some simple guidelines to follow as we work through this. We are fortunate that The Wildlife and Parks Department is allowing us to continue to utilize the lake and our club. Having a place to retreat to and still be able to do what we love doing is a stark contrast compared many other areas across the nation. Taking care of each other and the facilities are important now more than ever. The clubhouse and restrooms are open to member use, and there will be sanitation supplies available for use within the clubhouse. We ask that you clean and sanitize areas before and after usage. Members are encouraged to supply their own utensils if using the kitchen to mitigate possible contamination. It is also advised to keep the clubhouse under ten occupants at time.  We are currently following CDC guidelines on our approach to handling club usage so these terms may adjust accordingly.

If you, or people you interact with frequently, (family/coworkers) have health concerns, then avoiding the clubhouse altogether is the best option. There will be flyers posted with updates as they become available. If anyone has concerns or input, please feel free to contact me. Thank you all.

-Austin Bayes

From The Commodore

We all know that recent circumstances have all but put a stop to all of our short range plans. As we deal with the uncertainty of the potential fallout from COVID-19, it becomes apparent what takes priority in life. The safety of our families, friends, and crew is paramount.  For most of us, this will be an inconvenience. For others it could present life altering consequences.

At this time, KDWP is not closing the lake and we will have access to it all year. We will be postponing socials and scheduled club events until circumstances allow us to return to normal. Members will be able to utilize the clubhouse and facilities when the water is turned back on in April. Following the advice of the CDC, we ask that everyone avoid gathering in large groups for the greater safety of all, and maintain personal sanitary conditions in the clubhouse.

The event calendar on our website has the race schedule and social dates and will be updated with more information regarding sailing events and social themes for the season within the next month. The planned upgrade proposal for the clubhouse will be on hold until we can understand the full scope of what the COVID-19 repercussions are.

As we start the roller coaster of weather, finding decent windows to get in some quality prep time will make a difference when it comes down to getting on the water quickly. I will eventually be putting on some more seminars this year to help with techniques and general outlines on how to tackle those larger projects, which on a sailboat is pretty much all of them. Last year I hosted a polishing seminar that had a great turnout and I know many that weren’t able to make it would like another chance to see how to bring that chalky gelcoat back to a mirror finish. Throughout the season, I will also be covering fiberglass repair, proper wiring and splicing, roll-and-tip refinishing, and wood refinishing (yes, how to make your brightwork look like it’s wrapped in glass, and it isn’t as hard or time consuming as it looks).

The website also has the Blog function activated, so I will be putting information on our site as well as the newsletters. These updates will happen frequently to keep members up to speed on current developments.


Meeting Minutes

WVSC meeting minutes March 12, 2020

Board members in attendance:

Austin Bayes, Richard Barth, Dave Bonifield, Eric Wertheimer, Brian Hakala, Chris Proudfoot.

Call to order:  7:11

Member Concerns:

Upgrading Air Conditioning to clubhouse added to renovations to do list.


Updating membership book in work.  Discussed target marketing membership drive.


Discussed possible dues/dry storage increases for next year. 


Work party requested for dry storage area. 


Dock electrical safety issue to be addresses, lockout tagout of inoperative hydro hoist.

Public Relations:

Blog feature added to club website.


Dates on calendar.


Tentative dates set (see website).

Activities Center:

Internet available at clubhouse on trial basis.


Barry’s Marine to handle servicing of powerboats as required.


Looking to fill Administration position.

Meeting Adjouned:  9:37 pm.

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